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February 15, 2024

Spectator Health Adds Surescripts Certification to its Senior Health Technology Platform

SAN DIEGO, CA – Spectator Health, a San Diego-based senior living technology company, announced today the complete integration of Surescripts’ suite of e-prescribing capabilities into its platform, allowing for real-time medication analytics and e-prescribing for senior living communities caregivers and providers.

“Medication issues are cited as one of the most common causes for hospitalizations, adverse events, and falls for seniors,” said Raghu Sugavanam, CEO of Spectator Health. Spectator Health’s proprietary platform provides real-time safety checks, formulary/pricing checks, and safety-checked therapeutic alternatives for seniors and senior health providers. “Reducing medication risks for seniors is one of our missions, and integrating with Surescripts furthers that goal.”

Spectator Health’s platform has been awarded key certifications, which cover a comprehensive suite of Surescripts products including:

  • Provider and pharmacy directory services
  • Rx history providing a historical view of a patient’s medications
  • Patient eligibility and insurance coverage and benefits
  • On-demand formulary checking for cost, prior authorization, etc.
  • Real-time patient benefit checks for actual cost at the pharmacy, deductibles, etc.
  • Electronic prescribing in long-term post-acute care settings, e.g., assisted living facilities
  • Electronic prescribing for ambulatory settings -home, office, and virtual care

Spectator Health already provides user friendly features for senior health management such as Charting, Clinician Notes, Medpass and a mobile app for caregivers on the go.

“Kudos to Surescripts for helping us integrate these essential features into our platform,” Sugavanam added. “We look forward to continuing this success and achieving new milestones to make senior wellness safer, easier, and better for all.”

About Spectator Health

Spectator Health’s technology platform brings its value-based preventative health technologies to senior living communities. Serving seniors, caregivers, and assisted living facilities, Spectator Health brings the most advanced platform for managing senior health for better health outcomes. For a full description of Spectator Health’s senior medication administration and management capabilities, visit www.spectatorhealth.com