Senior Healthcare Reimagined

Combining leading edge technology and care management services to improve wellbeing of seniors both at home and in care facilities.

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What We Do

Spectator Health provides a clinical management platform and a care management service based on analytics that use the latest guidelines for care.

We provide proactive care recommendations

We provide clinicians proactive care recommendations customized to each person.

We manage routine care.

Our care team can manage all aspects of routine care delivery in a precise manner.

We bring all aspects of care to the doorstep to allow seniors to stay in their homes.

We bring all aspects of care to the doorstep for those who are in their homes.

Our Vision

Improve the wellbeing of seniors using technology based care recommendations and services both at homes and in facilities.

Member: California Assisted Living Association
Spectator Health HOME v1.0 prescriber software has completed Surescripts® certification testing for E-Prescribing, Directory, Eligibility, Medication History for Ambulatory, On Demand Formulary, and Real Time Prescription Benefits.

Challenges in the Market Today

  • Myriad of solutions for remote monitoring such as IoT devices for vitals and sensors for falls and ADLs
  • Inadequate monitoring of ADLs and falls
  • Care is not proactive and not driven by care gap management tools
  • Lack of transparency of care for family and loved ones
  • Lack of comprehensive medication safety and medication adherence monitoring
  • Many islands of services such as transportation, home health visits, pharmacy/lab services, etc which are not integrated into a comprehensive platform

Who We Serve

If you are in any of these categories then you owe it to yourself to check out how we can help your improve quality of your life.

A senior living alone, needing home care

Are you wondering about how to get the best care as you age so you can stay home and defer going into assisted living facilities as long as possible ?

A family member of a senior, involved in their care.

Are you a family member of a loved one who is either at home or in an assisted living facility? Would you like to be in the know about what care is being provided and be engaged in the process?

A clinician looking for cutting-edge tools

Are you a caregiver or a clinician working in senior care and experiencing work load burnout and wondering why technology is not serving you and making your job easier and more productive?

An assisted living resident looking for optimal care

Are you a current resident in a facility are you wondering how you can benefit from getting the best preventative and proactive care that is customized for you based on the latest guidelines?