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Bringing leading edge technology to improve wellbeing of seniors both at home and in care facilities 

What we do

We bring technology to senior care in such a way that  

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Clinicians can identify and deliver proactive care customized to each person

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we can manage all aspects of routine care delivery in a precise manner 

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we bring all aspects of care to the doorstep for those who are at their homes

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Our Vision

Use technology to allow seniors to enjoy wellbeing and age gracefully in their golden years 


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Myriad of solutions for remote monitoring such as IoT devices for vitals and sensors for Falls and ADLs 

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Care is not proactive and not driven by care gap management tools 

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Lack of comprehensive medication safety and medication adherence monitoring

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Inadequate monitoring  of ADLs and Falls

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Lack of transparency of care for family and loved ones

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Many islands of services such as transportation, home health visits, pharmacy/lab services, etc which are not integrated into a comprehensive platform

Our Target Sectors

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Assisted living care 


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Skilled Nursing 


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Home Health

Care Companies

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Seniors living alone 

or with family

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