Our Journey

Our company was born through personal experiences of our founders dealing with their famliy members as they aged and seeing them navigate the situations and pitfalls in todays senior care environment. Some of the situations experienced were multiple falls in facilities, care not customized to resident, caregivers over-loaded, understaffed facilities, poor systems to manage information and little to no proactive care.

We decided there had to be a better way!

We set out to build a solution from the ground up geared towards seniors both at home and in facilities and used our collective experience in previous companies to re-imagine senior care. Our staff has many years of experience in assisted living and deep experience in development of analytics using healthcare data to improve outcomes.

Latest News

FEBRUARY 8, 2024

Spectator Health Adds Surescripts Certification to its Senior Health Technology Platform

Our Strengths

 Deep clinical and analytics experience.

Our strengths, combining healthcare and analytics expertise

Experience running our analytics engine for millions of lives on a daily basis.

Experience with senior care management and assisted living facilities.

Experience working with health payers, provider, and international clients.

Where We're Headed

We are building a company that not only manages information and analytics but also delivers the care recommended. We are launching and testing our healthcare model in two market segments.

  1. Assisted living facilities and board/care homes which have minimal clinical management systems and where we feel we can make the biggest impact.
  2. Working directly with seniors at home in partnership with their physicians and providing service to close care gaps and provide preventative treatment based on our analytics.
Spectator Health: Where we're headed

Meet Our Executive Team

Our management team has over 80 years of experience in running large corporate businesses in senior executive positions and growing early stage companies into successful businesses.

Meet Our Advisory Board