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Frustrated with Fractured Care?

Get a Trusted Care Advocate in your corner!

Now There’s A Care Solution and Technology with Healthy Aging in Mind

  • Care assessment visit by registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner upon onboarding
  • Full review of your plan of care with your Physician
  • A 1-hour weekly visit by our care coordinatorthat includes:
  • Perform vitals checking
  • Medication tracking during the past week, prep the meds tray for the upcoming week and medication refills needed
  • Review of meals and nutrition and coordinate as needed with nutritionist and meal delivery services
  • Review transportation needs for upcoming weeks and arrange transportation as needed
  • Review and coordinate visits with Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, Massage and more
  • Review social needs of senior and arrange appropriate services
  • Coordinate or arrange any doctor visit or consultation

When Expert Care…

...Meets Innovative Tech

Spectator Health: Expert care meets innovative technology

A proven care navigation technology that helps you stay on top of scheduling, medications, and health goals.

The San Diego Union Tribune

“Spectator Health’s technology uses analytics and national health guidelines to help seniors identify what issues need to be addressed before they become problems.

- Benjamin Yu MD, PhD, CMIO, Spectator Health

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