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Our Spectator Health PRO solution is a clinician and user-friendly care management 

platform that allows for comprehensive 

management of resident and facility information.


The application helps to eliminate non value 

added tasks for clinicians and nurses, while 

taking into perspective the needs of 



In our solution we have liberally adopted leading edge device technologies, along with artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities to facilitate a visionary senior care process.

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A passive and non-invasive monitoring system that uses leading edge AI/Machine learning technology for detection and prevention of Falls  and recording of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

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An interactive real-time E-Prescribing module that features drug safety, therapeutic alternatives, benefits management and pharmacy interface. 

Automated pharmacy interface through Surescripts.

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Ease of data acquisition through a combination of voice and data integration with 3rd party devices.

Integrated data analytics to provide insights into patient care.


Our clinician mobile app

We offer two companion mobile apps - one for clincians and another for family.

Our clinician mobile apps is designed with clinician workflow in mind and is an easy way for clinician to enter data when they are on the go, such as vitals, chart notes, etc.


The app is also designed to allow collecting of voice input to help ease data entry and provide productivity for clinicians on the go

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Our family mobile app

The family mobile app is customizable and will help families keep track of loved ones and communicate with them.


Our aim is to provide peace of mind to families by having transparency of care given so they are keeping abreast of seniors well being and any changes to their routines.

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